The Housing Industry Association Limited (HIA) is Australia’s only national industry association representing the interests of the residential building industry.

With over 40,000 members in the residential building industry, HIA has been providing business support services  to builders for over 60 years. Being a member allows us access to industry leading training, opportunities to develop new skills and professional development, up to date advice on industry developments, expert technical advice and great networking opportunities through national and state wide events.

It is these things and more that ensure that, partnered with HIA we can provide each and every one of our clients the best of the best. Your in good hands.



HIA recognises the importance that participants in the industry play in community development. The home building and renovation sector is interwoven into Australia’s economic and social fabric. Activity in the residential building industry has a direct impact on our economy. It creates jobs and generates work for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. It also stimulates growth in the manufacturing, retail and real estate sectors, to name a few.

The significance of residential building however goes beyond its economic value. Finding and building a home is a significant emotional and social investment The house is the place for living. It is where family memories are created and futures are imagined. Housing creates social stability and community connection. The types and forms of houses that are constructed are built into Australia’s cultural imagination.

HIA maintains the HIA Code of Ethics in order to promote and reinforce confidence in the residential building industry and in HIA. The Code aspires to provide guidance to members for behaving and conducting their business affairs ethically and consistently with HIA’s core principles.

HIA promotes high standards of professional and commercial conduct for the residential building industry.  The purpose of HIA’s Code of Ethics (“the Code”) is to help HIA members meet these standards when conducting business and dealing with their employees, clients, partners and colleagues.

In the course of conducting their business, challenges will continually arise for members because many decisions involve areas, where there is no clearly articulated rule or legal requirement and the choice between right and wrong may not always be clear.



Honesty and integrity

We will be honest, transparent, and straight forward in all our
business and professional relationships and endeavour to do
what is right.


Fairness and fair dealings

We will deal fairly and reasonably with our employees, suppliers,
business partners and clients.


Reliability, accountability and responsibility

We will follow through with our commitments and take
responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and actions.



We will treat our employees, suppliers, business partners, clients,
industry colleagues and the general public with mutual respect,
civility and dignity.



We will discharge our legal and professional responsibilities to
the best of our abilities and behave in a way that builds trust and
credibility in the residential building industry.